Welcome to the Bubonix Annotations!

Below many of these archived Bubonix pages you will be able to find annotations such as this one wherein the author reminisces about the comic in question, sheds light on the inspiration for the strip, explains obscure references or merely makes some general comment which may or may not be related to the page in question. Think of it as a DVD audio commentary in written format.

Issue 0 - front cover

This is the cover of the first mini-comic I ever drew. Clearly, it is taken from the railroad design in the Monopoly game. (Much more to come about Monopoly in the following pages.) When I knew I was going to draw a comic about playing Monopoly, I knew I would use this image as the cover. It is bold, iconic and recognizable.

Little did I know that I was also laying the template for all subsequent Bubonix covers (as well as a couple of other Bubonic Press titles). I already had the bold black borders and the issue number at the bottom centre. These would remain constant throughout the life of Bubonix. As well, the Bubonix name was big, bold and would not change in size for the entire run of the mini-comic, although the font would change each and every issue. Two things this cover does not have: (a) the little slogan along the top and (b) the price. The slogan would start with issue #1 while the price made its first appearance with issue #3.

Considering I didn't plan it that way, I am very happy with this cover and subsequent Bubonix covers. They are immediately recognizable and stress that this is a "black and white" comic. Plus, this kind of cover was very easy to draw.